I’m walking the Grand Union Canal from King’s Cross (where I work) to Birmingham in stages, probably one every month, so maybe I’ll hit the second city by next Christmas, or not.  We’ll just have to see.

Here are the proposed stages so far:

Here’s a map of the route of the Grand Union Canal.

London to Birmingham via the Grand Union Canal

5 thoughts on “Walking the Grand Union Canal

    1. Glad you like the blog Russell. I’ve seen mainly moorhens and a couple of swans, hopefully will see more wildlife as I leave London and head towards the countryside, not too far now : )

  1. Martinxo: Interesting to read that you walked the GUC. I am currently writing an historical novel about the women taking over the canals during WWII. I became interested in this by watching Timothy West and Prunella Scales “Great Canal Journeys” on youtube. I’ve walked along some of the Oxford Canal near Woodstock. Oxon, and I’ve watched as a Gongoozla in Henley-on-Thames, since my hotel was just down the road. It seems like your site is a couple of years old. Did you complete the walk? Jane Ingram, outside Philadelphia, PA, USA

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for commenting.

      Your book sounds good, you’ve read ‘Maidens’ Trip’ I expect? A wonderful book and such a great story to tell, I have so much admiration for those young women, it must have been so liberating for them.

      I’m walking to Birmingham very slowly, may take a few years and will probably start again in the spring.

      Let me know when your book is ready!

      Cheers, Martin

  2. Another great walk Martin. An historic route following the footsteps of hard working families and their horses who worked the canals. They hauled everything from coal ,raw materials & manufactured goods so that products like iron , textiles , pottery and glass could reach our ports . As you walk you may think how grateful the potters and glass makers were for the smooth canals after the high breakage rate caused by primitive carts!

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