I came across this short exchange in the comments section of a post on the Ten Year Reading List blog.

question and answer

Amy has yet to reply to Ben’s question, which left me with a number of questions.  When I first read the exchange I thought Ben had lent the book and would like it returned.  But after reading the exchange a second time I noted that the book was given, which implies some kind of gift.  So, perhaps Ben is merely curious and it would give him pleasure to know that Amy continues to gain insight and wisdom from such a classic work.

Chekhov would know how to knock this up into a decent short story.

Anyway, dear reader, I posted a comment:

my comment

I will keep you updated!

Oh and I own a copy of Stephen Mitchell’s translation and really need to read it again some day.

Postscript I: I can’t find my copy of the book, perhaps I lent it to Amy?  The plot thickens!

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