Punk rock

Punk rock saved my life, seriously.  I still love this music as much as I did as a 15 year old, maybe even more so now that I find myself at the start of my 50s.

The Decorators

A wonderful ‘lost’ band from the 1980s that you should get to know.

If you like the Velvet Underground or The Only Ones you’ll LOVE the Decorators.

Check out ‘Twilight View‘, my Decorators fan site.


I love jazz with the same intensity that I love punk rock.  Jazz makes me happier than any other form of music.  Jazz most definitely has something in common with Punk Rock, I’ll write about all that one day soon…

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Great lost singles

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The Insignificant Highlanders

Tufnell Park’s finest band

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    1. Hey Jeff, so pleased you’ve discovered The Only Ones, the second LP, Even Serpents Shine is one of my most loved albums, I never tire of it.

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