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2 thoughts on “Expeditions

  1. Hi Martin,

    As a fellow Suffolk walker (I live near Bury St Edmunds), I was very pleased to come across your blog recently.

    I found your articles to be very entertaining and well written, thanks for all the good content.

    I am planning a little wild-camping myself, albeit with a tent rather than a basha, but am unsure of where to start. Can you suggest any areas where I can give it a try?

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Richard

      Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

      Finding Wild Camping locations is a big part of the fun of it (in my opinion). I usually start with Google Maps and look for woods or river banks with a few trees or an isolated piece of coastline. I’ll then switch to an OS map and compare the two. Once I’ve found a place I like the look of I’ll do some research online and see whos wood it is and what risk I might be taking by staying the night.

      Gosh, there’s a lot I could say about this, perhaps I’ll do a blog post on the matter. The most important thing of all though is, of course, leave no trace.

      Hope this helps

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