The Monochrome Set at Dingwalls – June 12th 2011

Robo and I went to the gig back in June and it’s taken me this long to blog about it.  Never mind, better late than never.

The Monochrome Set have long been a favourite of mine.  I didn’t see them back in the day but have always enjoyed their music, in particular the four or five singles released on Rough Trade.  They have a great mix of post-punk Velvet Underground influences mixed in with a great dollop of gorgeous pop tunes.

I was surprised but very happy to hear the band had reformed and snapped up a ticket as quickly as possible.  It was also kind of odd being back at Dingwalls after so many years, it’s a nice small to medium sized venue where you can get up close to the band, the bar prices are fair and the sound quality good.

Supporting the Set were a band I’ve forgotten the name of.  They played a great surf punk-pop number that I loved but the rest of the set was a little…um…studenty art rock.

The Monochrome Set opened with ‘The Monochrome Set’ (naturally)

And from there on it was hit (well, they never actually had any hits) after hit after hit.  All the early singles were played, and they even gave us the much loved ‘Fat Fun’.

There was a great atmosphere at the gig, the band clearly enjoying themselves and happy smiles all around. They finished up with the wonderful instrumental ‘Lester Leaps In’, probably one of the finest pop singles in the history of the planet.

We took the late bus back to Bow.

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