More good wine and I’m learning French

I’m learning French!  I’ve been learning French for three weeks now (self taught, can’t be arsed with formal lessons) and I’ve gone quickly from zero French to ‘speaking French incredibly badly’, which in my opinion is pretty damned good.

My goal, as it goes, is to learn to speak French pretty badly by February 2012, which is the date of my next visit.

There are so many great resources on the web that pretty much cover all you need to know.  My Kindle is also coming in handy as I can send myself articles to translate while on the way to work.  It’s all good.

On to the wine

Pere et Fils by Laurent Miquel I bought a bottle of ‘Pere et Fils’ by Laurent Miquel (Languedoc, naturally) from the wine merchants.  I didn’t talk to anyone this time, just wandered about until I found a bottle at under £10.  This was was £8.99 which is more than I’ve ever spent on a bottle of wine.

On arrival home, I uncorked the bottle and let it sit for half an hour.  I put on some Dexter Gordon and took my first sip.  Ohhh, it was nice.  Smooth and deep and rich.  Not too fruity.  Hmmm, it really is good.

Oh yeah, you probably wanna know about that Dexter Gordon chap I listened to while trying out the vino.  Here yah go:

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