Lorgeril Les Terrasses Merlot

Okay, so here we go, this is my first wine review and I’m going to keep it sweet and short.

Lorgeril Les Terrasses MerlotI bought this Languedoc red after a chat with the man at Anglia Wine Merchants in Ely.  He tried at first to talk me out of buying a Langudeoc, saying that it wasn’t known as a great wine in France.  I told him that didn’t matter as I’m interested learning more about the wine of that region.  So he showed me two bottles I chose this one for no particular reason.

Back home, I waited for Question Time on Radio 4 to start and then opened the bottle.  The first sip was a bit of a surprise, so sharp!  I immediately felt a little disappointed, was this to be the start of my new, more appreciative, stance with wine?  Hmmmm?

Anyway, I finished the glass and poured another, the sharpness had dissipated and I started to enjoy the wine more though I wasn’t sure if that was down to feeling slightly typsy or not.  Now the wine had a fuller, woody taste, a little rough but not in a bad way.

The next night I finished off the bottle.  The first taste was lovely and I really began to enjoy the wine.  Maybe the initial sharpness was a result of drinking a glass immediately after opening the bottle?  Perhaps that old cliche of ‘giving the wine time to breathe’ is actually true?

Okay, next time I’ll open the bottle half an hour before Question Time and give it some time.

Cheers mon!



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