My Top 10
London Punk songs

As a Londoner, and an old punk rocker, punk songs that mention areas of London have always held a special place in my heart.

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Some might quibble that not all the songs in my top 10 are strictly speaking ‘punk rock’.  Well, I’m using a pretty loose definition of punk for this post.  So, Squeeze, for an example, can be included because they were heavily influenced by the ethic and attitude of punk, if not particularly punk-like in sound.

The author as punk rock star with the band Flack
The author as punk rock star with the band Flack

Whatever, it’s my blog and I’ll include who I want.

Another quibble might be the omission of ‘London Calling’ by The Clash.  Well, it was a toss up between that and ‘White Man’, both are superb but the latter is my favourite so gets in on the list.

Anyway, the Last Gang wrote almost a zillion tracks about London, more about that in another post.

My intention is to write separate posts on each song and talk about the track and what it meant to me then as a snotty-nosed punk rocker, and what it means to me now as an old-snotty-nosed punk rocker.

Hope you enjoy the series!

Map of my top ten London punk songs

The top ten

The list below is not in order of preference, though if I had to pick a favourite it would be jointly the Leyton Buzzards and the Clash, I’ll go in to reasons why later on in the individual posts.

  1. Pinpoint – Richmond  (West London)
  2.  TV Personalities – Part Time Punks (West London)
  3. The Clash – White Man (in Hammersmith Palais) (West London)
  4. The Decorators – Red Skies Over Wembley –  (North west London)
  5. Adam and the Antz – Fall In (North London)
  6. The Leyton Buzzards – Saturday Night (Beneath the Plastic Palmtrees)  (North east London)
  7. Cockney Rejects – East End  (East London)
  8. 999 – Tulse Hill Night  (South London)
  9. Squeeze  – Up the Junction – (South London)
  10. Menace – GLC – (Central London)

So, who have I missed out?  

Who would get into your top 10 London punk songs?

6 thoughts on “My Top 10
London Punk songs

  1. Less exact a location, but I think the Ruts West One (Shine on me) might edge in there. Postcode lottery!

    1. Hi Sam, you’re not the first too suggest West One, maybe I’ll sneak it in, though ‘Top 11 London punk songs’ hasn’t the same appeal as a title ; )

  2. Hi Martin, great list here. I love the Decorators, had their album Tablets, but it got lost, so I’m glad you posted it on youtube.
    My suggestion is The Jam’s “Down in the tubestation”, that would be the Wormwood Scrubs, geography-wise.
    Take care, greetings from Lisbon, Portugal

    1. Hi Thomas

      The Decorators were an excellent band, did you ever see them?

      Thanks for the Jam suggestion, it’s been noted

      Cheers, Martin

      1. Hi Martin,

        unfortunately, I never got to see the Decorators live.
        By the way, I can+t find the song ” American ways” anywhere on the internet.
        Do you know where I can find it, or would you send me a copy?
        It’d be greatly appreciated.
        By the way, I like your “psychogeographical” stuff , the walks, wild camping and all that.

        Take care, Thomas

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