I didn’t get out as much in 2014 as I would have liked, I only manged two wild camps and didn’t manage to complete any of my grand expeditions.

Bramfield woods
Bramfield Wood

This year will be different.  I will wild camp much more and will most definitely complete at least one expedition, probably the Grand Norfolk hike.  I also want to get up into the hills this year.  The Peaks, Lakes, Scotland, any of those will do just fine.

2015 will see at least one night hiking adventure, I’ve a great idea for a moonlit walk along the River Little Ouse, through the woods, wow, that will be good!

Oh, and more hiking and camping with other people.  Solo is great but it’s always a pleasure to share the enjoyment with others.

And I’ll continue taking my dog, Smithy, along with me.  I really enjoy his unbridled enthusiasm for a good day’s hiking.

Smithy on the trail
Smithy on the trail

In 2015 I will also take up wild swimming.  My pal, John, is writing a book, ‘Wild Swimming Spain‘ and we’re planning a few joint wild camp/swim adventures.  That should be fun.

What about you?

What are your hiking/wild camping plans for the year?

11 thoughts on “Wild Camping and Hiking plans for 2015

  1. Sounds good aims. Mine are to return to Wild hammock camp in the Cairngorms and hopefully get over to bikepack and wild camp in Irelands Wicklow national park. At the very least.

    1. Hi Shuck, thanks for commenting. Bikepacking sounds good, one to add to my list, and wild camping in Wicklow sounds fantastic, hope you post some pictures of that!

  2. That sounds good :=) Well 2015 will also be MY year for new adventures and wild camping but I am a novice and are just starting out with wild camping. First planned and booked trip is Borders Abbey Way in May. I will run that one with my doggy but in stages, I think in 3 days

    1. Hi Max, thanks for your comment. The Borders Abbeys Way sounds wonderful, I’m very jealous : ) What kind of a dog do you have?

  3. Hi Martin

    I’m hoping 2015 is going to be an extremely wild year for me, too. To celebrate/mourn a certain significant birthday I’m planning to do GR11 trans-Pyrenees trek in the early summer – plenty of wild camping there, need to think about equipment and ultra-ultra lightweight tent. Then, funds permitting, I’m going to climb the highest mountains in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua – plus a few other, assorted volcanoes – over Xmas and New Year.
    Now is not the time to stand still!

  4. I like your plan 🙂 I hope you’ll manage to get them all done.
    The moonlit walk sounds particularly appealing.

    I have very similar goals for this year. I want to wild camp more and try out wild swimming. And generally, I want to get out more and explore the walking trails of the UK.

    My big hike will be on the Camino de Santiago this year. I’m planning to walk a section of it with a friend – and I’m hoping I can convince her to do some wild camping along the way.

    1. The Camino, lucky you! Do you follow @ramblinista on twitter? She’s hiked quite a bit of that trail.

      Oh and I thought your audio blog was excellent, I might do the same for my Feb wild camp : )

        1. Hi Allysse

          I really enjoyed your microadventure experience, especially the audio recording. I really like the idea of recording and representing the ‘now’ – being in the moment – rather than writing it up when we get home.
          I hike the Camino Frances, which is the most popular camino to Santiago, back in 2015. Probably not much scope for wildcamping as it resembles a pedestrian motoway; you can camp in the grounds of albergues but it’s not a hike for those who want to get off the beaten track. But there are many other, much less frequented, caminos and these would be much better suited; you can walk a whole day and not encounter a fellow walker/pilgrim: http://ramblanista.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/one-hundred-hours-of-solitude-walking.html

  5. Thanks.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the recording. I felt recording would produce something truer than a write up after the events had gone.

    Thanks for the link and advice.
    I’m going to walk a bit of the Via Tolosana. According to what I’ve read, it seems to be a pretty popular route… I wanted to do a quieter one but I’m going with a friend who hasn’t walked for years so I’ve mostly let her choose what appealed to her the most. But it’s likely that I’ll go back and try another route another year 🙂

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