The Insignificant Highlanders – Wanna Go Home

Recently discovered rare archive material from the early days of Tufnell Park’s finest band, The Insignificant Highlanders, has come to light.

The audio files are from sessions recorded at the band’s Leather Lane studios in Covent Garden.  I’ll be releasing these into the wild every now and again.  First up is crowd favourite ‘Wanna Go Home‘ recorded at Leather Lane in June 1979 (or there abouts).

The Insignificant Highlanders
Martin and Robo of the Insignificant Highlanders

The line up of the band at that time was:

  • Robo – bass and vibes
  • Martin – guitar and ‘stuff’
  • Hans Boffe – harmonica and the thing that sounds like a bee
  • Boris Binskoff – recorder
Have fun!

6 thoughts on “The Insignificant Highlanders – Wanna Go Home

  1. I was listening to Merzbow the last 2 hours – this track is good but much to short – what’s next to what I should listen now ?

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