Ivana Bohuna (Івана Богуна)

Bogdana Khmelnitskogo

Sfânta Treimi


The photo is by Lina Shishkina, taken in 2008.

Ivana Bohuna
Ivana Bohuna

Ivana Bohuna

Named after the Cossack leader Ivan Bohun.

Bogdana Khmelnitskogo

Named after the Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Sfânta Treimi

Sfânta Treimi = The Holy Trinity


Dreifaltigkeits =  Trinity. One of the oldest streets in the city.

“Dreifaltigkeitsgasse was a long street with a mixed population. In 1940, 17 expropriated houses are listed, 5 of them owned by organisations. 7 owners were registered as Jewish, one as German and four persons without ethnic description. In 1936, 644 inhabitants were listed on the street. Among them 30% were office employees or had academic or liberal professions, 26% were merchants, shopkeepers or grocers and 25% were artisans and craftsmen of different kinds. Most shops had probably local customers”
– taken from “Czernowitz / Cernăuţi / Černivci” by Edgar Hauster (PDF)

Rose Ausländer
Rose Ausländer

In October 1941, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse was incorporated into the ghetto in which 50,000 Jews were forced to move by the Romanian authorities.

Poet Rose Ausländer lived in the street in the 1930s and it was here that she met the poet Paul Celan (both survived the Holocaust).

Bucovina I (Rose Ausländer)

Green mother
butterflies in her hair

says the sun
red melon milk
white maize milk
I made them sweet

Violet pine cones
airwings birds and foliage

The Carpathian ridge
invites you
to carry you

Four languages
songs in four languages

who understand each other

(English translation by Julia Samwer)

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