On the streets of Chernivtsi

“Czernowitz was a place where people and books used to live…”
– Paul Celan

“You should get to know your town just like I know mine”
– The Clash

Chernivtsi isn’t my town, I want to get to know it though.

My intention is to map photos of Chernivtsi on Google maps and conduct a little research on current and past street names, i.e. those of the Ukrainian, Soviet, Hapsburg and Romanian periods.  The idea is to run off down rabbit holes inspired by these names and see what I come up with.

I also want to know what it will be like to arrive in a completely new city that I actually know pretty damn well, all thanks to the internet.

My intention is to use the photos from the Live Journal page as a jumping off pointing for further exploration.

The map

The streets

  1. Turetska
  2. Pereyaslavska
  3. Ivana Bohuna
  4. Kobylianska
  5. Gagarin
  6. Zankovetskoi
  7. Central Square