Turetska (Türkenbrunnengasse, Turcească, Kolarova)

The photo is by Andrey Saulyak (Андрей Сауляк), taken in 2007.

Turetska street
Turetska street

Some history

The Ukrainian (Turetska), German (Türkenbrunnengasse) and Romanian (Turcească) names of the street reflect the historic connection of the neighbourhood with an established 17th century Turkish community.

The photo is looking towards the south end of the street.  If we turn to the north we’ll end up at “Turkish Square”, where we’ll find a “Turkish Well”, you can see a theme starting here.

Sometime in the 1850s, a public bathing house was built on the street called the Tuerkenbad, it survived up until the 1940s.

Here’s a reminiscence of the Tuerkenbad from the Czernowitz listserve group:

“I remember being taken along by my mother to the Tuerkenbad. It was quite an adventure. Actually it was a “must” because at that time bathing circumstances at home were quite difficult.

Either there was no warm water, or the pipes were frozen completely. So whether we liked it or not, we had to go to the Schwitzbad. It was a pleasant social event because we were usually joined by friends and neighbors.”

Google street view (south)

Turetska St
Turetska St

Google map view

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