A short walk along the River Lark

The River Lark, a tributary of The Great Ouse, runs for 31 miles through Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Last Sunday I cycled the three miles from Ely to the attractive fen village of Prickwillow where I began my walk along the river.

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It was early afternoon when I started the walk, the sun was out and the breeze was gentle, a perfect setting for a quick hike.

The RIver Lark near Prickwillow
The River Lark near Prickwillow

The river is navigable at this point but I only saw one boat along the way.

Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue, moored near Prickwillow

With the sun out it was a joy to walk along the riverbank, I love the soft crunch of frost under my feet.  Birds were out and singing, ducks and swans were preening and chatting to each other.

South bank of the River Lark
South bank of the River Lark

As I walked along the riverbank a huge cloud began to block out the sun.  The play of light and shadow was emphasied by the big fens skies and landscapes.

Big fen skies
Big fen skies

I walked for about four miles east alongside the river.  With the sun obscured it had become chilly. I stopped and drank tea from my flask, delicious.

As I turned to retrace my steps back to Prickwillow the sun appeared from the other side of the huge cloud.

The sun dropping into the west
The sun dropping into the west

The sunset fell directly onto the Lark, it was a beautiful scene.

Sunset on the Lark
Sunset on the Lark

I arrived back in Prickwillow with the light fading and cycled on home.

8 thoughts on “A short walk along the River Lark

  1. Looks wonderful from the pictures. Must have been a great day trip.
    Keep on hiking and taking us with you through the lovely pictures from the English country side

  2. Fantsatic east anglian scenes Martin . Reminder of Betjemans line ” a wacking great sunset bathed level and drain from Kirby with Muckby to Beckby on Drain “

  3. Hi
    In the early 60s Along with my parents we spent a week holidaying in Prickwillow , approx 1962, a new bridge over the river was under construction. We were supposed to be staying in the village pub , but for reasons I don’t remember we ended up in a wooden lodge next to the river. During 2010 I was working for a day in Ely so I called at Prickwillow. There was no trace of the pub etc.
    Do you have any re-call of the village of the 60s or any links to anyone who has?

    Kind Regards

    Phil Ward

    1. Hi Phil, I’ve only been in the area for 10 years so can’t really comment. It would be great if there were still a pub at Prickwillow, too many are closing these days for my liking.

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