Tuesday was largely more of the same and I was more than happy with that. Walking, food, drink, walking food, drink.

Oh yes and the beautiful buildings and the sea, the Black Sea which I had seen as a child on a 1970s Bulgarian beach.

Our first destination was Odesa’s famous Privoz Market, a riot of colour, sound and smell.

And at last, finally, the Black Sea.

And then…beer!

We found the City Food Market by accident and I’m very glad we did as the pop-up bar was serving beer by a small local brewery called Odd Brew.

We asked for one each…and then another, the beer was magnificent, easily the best beer I’ve drunk all Ukraine.

We also ate, I had a plate of meat, it was excellent.  The City Food Market could have been hideous but it was quite the opposite and comes highly recommended.

friends and beer logoI had marked Friends and Beer as a place to check out and it was well worth the effort to find.

We sat at the bar and chatted to a friendly drunk youth, the bar was cozy, had football on the box and a huge selection of board games.  Oh, and the beer was pretty damn good.

I like the place so much I bought the t-shirt.

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