Saturday morning and I’m up and ready. My AirBnB is known as ‘the flat of Kostya the sailor‘ and is utterly delightful.

It’s basically one large room, a tiny side kitchen and a shower/toilet.  But that’s all I need and oh…I could stay in this flat for weeks, it’s the kind of place that only comes along once in a while and I wish I could have spent more time there.

The flat of Kostya the sailor

I had coffee and breakfast and met up with my friends from the day before.  I insisted on stopping for cats, it’s what I’d do at home after all.

We had an enjoyable lunch at Dizyngoff, a Ukrainian-Israeli restaurant.

Dizyngoff (image borrowed from

We walked for most of the day…


One thought on “Monday in Odesa

  1. Great pictures. I was there in August 2014 and stayed at Londonskaya. It was very quiet then but I understand that more tourists have found the city now. As I walked around the town, two words came to my mind: beautiful and sad. Beautiful for the architecture and sad because so many were detoriating. Also sad for the effect Putin’s war had on the economy.

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