One summer Saturday morning towards the end of July, we pack swimwear, books and dog into the car and head up to Heacham to bask in the glories of the north Norfolk coast. It’s a ninety minute drive and we pass time listening to audio books and singing songs from Ziggy Stardust.

We arrive at Heacham and stop for a cup of tea and biscuits at the seafront cafe, next to ‘Hells Shells’.

Hells Shells Fish bar

The sea was far out on the horizon leaving pools of warm water.  Warm North sea water! A first for me.

Jo on the mud flats

Overjoyed to be out of the car and freed from the leash, Smithy dog runs as fast as he can, he spins on a penny, almost losing his balance, before darting back to us again. He stops only for a refreshing glug of seawater that he later sicks up (as he does on every visit to the seaside).

Smithy dog on the mud flats

We arrive at Hunstanton, enjoy a coffee and ice cream before walking down to the cliffs.

Hunstanton cliffs

I’m always impressed by Hunstanton cliffs; the chalky white and vibrant red, the birds nesting in tiny cracks, the potential for rock fall.

Hunstanton cliffs and empty beach

And the beaches are empty.

Hunstanton cliffs and Smithy running

Jo goes for a swim, Smithy continues to run.

It starts to rain as we head back to Heacham for a bucket of chips.

A bucket of chips

A fine day on the glorious north Norfolk coast.

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