This is the second stage of my hike along the the Boudicca Way.

From Newton Flotman to Pulham Market

Smithy dog and I hop on the train from Ely to Norwich, then walk into town and catch the 38 bus (£2.50!) to Newton Flotman.

Arriving in Newton, we head off south, passing a pretty stone bridge spanning the River Tas. The bridge dates to medieval times and was extended and widened in the 1800s.

Newton Flotman Bridge
Newton Flotman Bridge

Milage marker

We turn off the main road and start down a country lane. The sun comes out and suddenly everything is gorgeous.

We arrive at the village of Tasburgh.

We spend some time in the courtyard of St Mary’s, admiring the fine Saxon church and round tower.

Tasburgh church
Tasburgh church

Smithy leads way across fields, along grassy lanes and paths.


We enter Tyrell’s Wood (managed by the excellent Woodland Trust).

Tyrell's Wood

The wood is Smithy’s favourite place and he’s on full alert for squirrels.

Smithy in Tyrell's Wood

Leaving the wood and it’s only a few miles to Pulham Market and a well deserved pint.

Signpost to Pulham Market

Pulham Market is an attractive village with two pubs on either side of a green.  We choose the Crown Inn, and enjoy a decent beer, the pub also offers (free!) snacks for dogs, Smithy is most impressed.

A pint at the Crown Inn
A pint at the Crown Inn

The bus back to Norwich arrives and we climb on board tired but happy after a great day’s hiking on the Boudicca Way.

Smithy on the bus
Smithy on the bus

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    1. Hi Hilary, I don’t know if you can swim in the Tas, it looked quite shallow to me. We’ve had Smithy for five years, he is indeed gorgeous : )

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