Five things I’ve learnt about Ukraine this week:

  1. The photo above is of a street in Kyiv, taken sometime between 1890 and 1900. The Library of Congress (from where I found the image) tells me the street is named Nicolviewskaia, though I could not find it on Google Maps.  The name was probably changed after 1917. (Note: a Ukrainian friend on twitter tells me the street’s name was changed to ‘Karl Marx’ and is now ‘Architect Gorodetsky’)
  2. The “Ornament Way” is a hiking and cycling trail that crosses Ukraine from Uzhgorod to Kharkiv (2080 km).  The trail opened last year with a 17 day cycle tour made up of more than 100 cyclists of all ages. Another big tour is planned for this summer, maybe I should try and go?  What fun that would be!  Check out the Ornament Way Facebook page, it’s in Ukrainian but they will happily answer any questions in English.
  3. The Aktovskyy canyon on the river Mertvovod near the town of Voznesensk in southern Ukraine looks fantastic. The cliffs that overlook the river are called the “Valley of the Devil.”
    Aktovsky Canyon
    Aktovsky Canyon (photo)

    Ukraine really has to do more to publicise these beautiful places, they are perfect for hiking and camping. There’s a great a series of photos of the canyons on the BBC Ukraine website.

  4. My Ukrainian football team, Karpaty Lviv FC has a disabled supporters club who follow the club home and away.  Here are two interviews (in English) with fans Yury Kovalevsky and Taras Kontsevich.
  5. Beer from Donetsk!
    Beer from Donetsk

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