I’m not one for gear reviews, to be honest they kinda bore me.  If I’m after some new gear then I’ll ask on Twitter and I always get a great response, and then maybe I’ll search for some reviews but on the whole…snoozeville.

Having said that, I know of a lot you really like them and so just for you, here’s a review of my joint-favourite all-time piece of gear (the other being my IKEA hobo stove).

Meet the Italian Alpini Canvas Rucksack, it’s not lightweight but it is extremely sexy.

Italian Alpini Canvas Rucksack 3
The Alpini from the front, rugged!

I can imagine Patrick Leigh Fermor striding out on this trans-European hike in the 30s with one of these on back, or James Bond on a Dolomite peak, with his stuffed full of dynamite for Dr Evil and a box of chocs for Ursula Andress.

Italian Alpini Canvas Rucksack 4
The Alpini from the back. The straps are very comfortable.

The Aplini is very well made, tough and durable. It is also beautiful, an object of desire.

The one I own was produced way back in 1976 and I have a strong suspicion it will outlive me.

I take mine out hiking and also use it as a laptop bag when I’m commuting to and from work.  It is a veritable multi-use sack.

Italian Alpini Canvas Rucksack 2
The Alpini from the side. Lots of room in those pouches.

Wynnchester, the producers and suppliers of this fine bit of kit, procure and then recondition them back to their former glory:

We have scoured the globe for a source of this particular rucksack from the late 1970’s. We then select the best, most complete examples, clean them and give the canvas a wax cotton treatment to bring it back to life.

Italian Alpini Canvas Rucksack
The Alpini, classic Italian sexiness!

As I said it’s not a ultra-super-dooper-lightweight kit and if that’s your thing then best ignore this post completely.

If, on the other hand, you’d like a stylish bit of kit that will last you a lifetime then the Alpini is well worth its price tag of £58.

Find out more on the Wynchester site (warning: there is a LOT of nice gear on the site, I won’t be held responsible for what you get up to with your card!)

(Note: I’m not receiving any reward from Wynnchester for this post, I’m doing it because I love the product, that’s all).

6 thoughts on “Introducing the beautiful and rugged Italian ‘Alpini’ Canvas rucksack

  1. cool but is a bit military looking, an theres somthing a bit nerdy sad in wearing military gear if your not actually in the military.

    also you never said its litre capacity ?

    1. Hi Freya, thanks for dropping by. I agree that the military-look, especially camo, can look a bit naff but the Alpini avoids that by looking beautiful, it’s a classic design. I don’t know about the litre capacity, the Wynchester website gives the following measurements: 40 x 30 x 16 cm

  2. Hi Martin
    Looks a real classic – I find modern rucksacks can get too hot on your back if you’re cycling or walking a long way: being canvas does this one stay a bit cooler?

  3. I own this rucksack and really like it.My old pack was a canvas tactical bag,front loader,which wore out after a year’s use.This bag is definitely made to last.Sturdy,it will take a beating.I added another canvas loop above the front one to secure my hatchet,and added a sternum strap to keep the shoulder straps from slipping off while walking.Its size is just large enough to carry an overnighter’s worth of gear,securing my shelter tarp with the bottom straps,and the top cover will adjust large enough to fit my wool blanket.The side pockets are large enough to hold one liter water bottles,and then some.I slip my folding saw(Bahco)and knife(TOPS Fieldcraft B.O.B.)between the side pockets and the lacing used to secure the sides.

    1. Hi Rusty, thanks for the comment. Do you have a photo of your Alpini fully rigged-up? I’d love to see one : )

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