At the start of the year, Alastair Humphreys, in his post ‘Your Year of Microadventure‘, called for people to live more adventurously in 2015, and challenged us to spend one night out in the wild each month during the year.

My year of microadventure

Since that call to arms I’ve noticed a rise the number in great blog posts, videos and photos of people venturing out and spending nights in the open, under the stars and moon.

There’s some great stories of adventure out there I thought I’d put together a monthly round-up of ones that caught my attention.

If you think I’ve missed anyone out, or would like your blog/video/photo included, then please leave a comment below.

Steven Russell

Steven RussellSteven managed to get in TWO wild camps on the snowy hills of the Scottish Borders.

I particularly like his powerful black and white photography taken in the midst of a snow storm, it sounds like it was a pretty dramatic camp!

Allysse Riordan

Allysse's wild campAllysse’s wild camp was at the other end of the scale but in no way any less of an adventure.  She bivvy’d the night in her local park, waking to frost on her boots.

What I particularly like about this post was the audio she included, so we can actually join her on the camp, great stuff!

Bethan John

Bethan decided to camp out after talking about microadventures in a pub.  Most plans discussed in pubs end up quickly forgotten but not for Bethan.  A few nights later she and a friend were sleeping in the light of the moon on a hill overlooking Cardiff.

Bethan also started up a Cardiff Microadventures Facebook group.

Stuart Greig (Lone Walker)

lone walker wild campStuart chose Plover Hill in the Yorkshire Dales for a microadventure with his friend Pilgrim Chris.

This is another gorgeously snowy camp and the post has some lovely photos.  Stuart reports that the night temperature dropped as low as -8C!

Jon Doolan / Harry Francis

Jon and Harry spent a night in local woods near Bishop’s Stortford, they also managed to get in the local paper!

Check out their video:

Rob Mitchell

Rob MitRob and two friends spent the night on Pewley Down near Guildford in Surrey.

From the post it sounds like they had a good supply of quality whisky on hand to enjoy before bedding down.

The final sentence made me laugh: “I was pretty spaced out during the morning, not sure if that was due to sleeping out or the 5 pints and multiple whiskies. All in all this was a great success”

That’s the way to do it!

Adrian and James

Adrian and James wild campAdrian and James are cycle-microadventurers and camped out while riding from London to Chichester.

After a pint at the village of Chiddingfold in Surrey, they found a nearby spot, downed a bottle of red and enjoyed a night bivvying under the stars.


Well…I had a wild camp planned and organised for the last weekend in January, a night out in the wilds of the Cambridgeshire Fens.

And then, on the night before the camp, I fell ill with a horrible virus that knocked me out for the next week.  So…I’m already behind on this, I’ll make up for it by wild camping twice in one month, promise.

What about you?

Any plans for a wild camp microadventure?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!

15 thoughts on “Wild camping microadventure blog round-up for January 2015

  1. Nice :-). I didn’t get out in January but had a frosty night in early February… ( Hoping for many more through the year…!

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for commenting. I like the idea of a microadventure by Instagram, a social media platform I’ve yet to get to grips with, I’ll check your post out, cheers!

  2. We too are on catch up after a tricky end of January with family issues left us timeless – so we’re garden sleeping TONIGHT (clear skies forecast), then hoping to sneak in a wild bivvy later in the week somewhere for our Feb effort. We being me and my 6yr old son. Report to come!

    1. Hi Ju, the lesson I learnt is to try and book the microadventure towards the start of the month so there is still time left if something goes wrong (i.e rain or illness). Garden sleeping is a great idea, one I’ve done with my son on a couple of occasions. Do you have a blog? I’d love to see your report.


    I too have a blog you could have a look at. The two big ones are going to be May or June when I will taking the team I work with out on a Microadventure, and after the summer when me and my intrepid microadventure companion (my lad) are going to jump on a ferry, or maybe even an Easyjet flight to somewhere, and microadventure abroad!

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