Wild Camping plans for 2014

A wood in Norfolk, wanna stay stay here the night?
A wood in Norfolk, wanna stay stay here the night?

So here’s a list of possible wild camp locations for 2014:

  1. In a certain wood in Hertfordshire DONE
  2. On a picturesque bank along the River Great Ouse
  3. In a different wood in Hertfordshire
  4. In a little wood in Northamptonshire, not far from the Grand Union Canal
  5. On the summit of Invinghoe Beacon
  6. On a beach on the east Norfolk coast
  7. In a Norfolk wood on the route of the Boudicca Way
  8. A quiet place in the Fens
  9. On the banks of the Wash
  10. Somewhere on the Icknield Way

I don’t know if I’ll do all these, maybe I’ll only manage a few, perhaps I’ll do some not yet imagined.  All I know right now (mid February 2014) is that I’ve never felt such urgency to get out into the woods for the night.

What are your wild camp plans for 2014?

22 thoughts on “Wild Camping plans for 2014

  1. Might try and join you on one of those…
    My Plans

    April Cairngorms (nr Cairngorm Club Footbridge), And somewhere up Glen Eeanaich

    Also April Somewhere in Lake District (not exactly sure yet, but miles from anywhere)

    May Loch Quoich, Clache Crickie (nr Loch Loyne), Chalybete Sprint (Monadhliath),
    A few Km North of Kingussie, Loch Nan Stuirteag (Cairngorms), Above Glen Prosen,
    Montreatmont Forest

    June (Knee operation so NOW’T – shame really as was hoping to do the Peaks)

    August (Pyrenees??)

    Sep Somewhere in Dales or Peaks

    Oct Lakes around and about Grasmere

  2. I am looking forward to it.
    My left knee isn’t .
    But hopefully tidied and repaired in June.
    Let me know when you are going on any jaunts & I will see when I am about.
    Could do with some decent bloody weather.

  3. Great plans there!
    I have a lovely spot in Forest of Durris near Aberdeen that I have stayed at a couple of times so would be good to head there again. Also, the Cairngorms aren’t too far so would like to get out there (thanks in no small part to Nan Shepherd). That might be it. Too many midges!

    1. The Forest of Durris sounds enticing, as do the Cairngorns though the midges do worry me a little (wimp!). I really must read Nan Shepherd… What is the Aberdeenshire coast like for wild camping?

      1. The midges can be terrible! Would not say avoiding them is wimpy. If you do wild camp in Scotland in the summer, be sure you have a midge net and/or tent. Certainly don’t use an open bivy bag! I also had to remove about 10 ticks on my return… Coast might be better for it though. Not tried myself: around Aberdeen seems pretty hostile – especially north of the city, as the nearest thoroughfare is a busy A road for much of it. I’m sure it can be done, but it might need a wee bit of planning! Alas I might be away before I get a chance to camp around here again.

  4. Somewhere in Scotland on my way to the Orkney islands in September.

    I’m also planning to do some wild camping before that but have no idea where yet. I’ve never done it before so it’s all very exciting and a little scary too.

    1. A camp in Scotland on the way to Orkney sounds wonderful. I agree about wild camping feeling a little scary at times, I always feels a little nervous, though some rational thinking re.risks (i.e. there are really very few risks involved) and a few nips of whiskey usually put paid to that.

  5. Nan was a gem 🙂

    Go to Scotland in May.
    Very few midges.

    July and August is a very different ball game though.

    However, if you camp high up in the Gorms, there is often enough breeze.
    Problem is walking through millions of the buggers to get there.

    Saw none at all last May all the way across.

  6. Nice list! being from the States I’m not too sure where most locations are but adventure is adventure. I can relate with your comment “All I know right now (mid February 2014) is that I’ve never felt such urgency to get out into the woods for the night.” This winter has been very cold in Maine. Lot’s of snow. Can’t wait to get the boots muddy again!

    1. Hi Onestep, thanks for dropping by. Maine must be a fantastic place for hiking, Spring isn’t far away now, do you blog any of your adventures?

  7. I plan to take a leaf out of your book by attempting some more lowland wild camps this year. So a camp somewhere in my home borough, a camp in London, a camp on an island, a camp on the coast all feature, as well as the more traditional hilly camps from trips to the Lakes and the intended second attempt at the Cambrian Way. Also doing a lot more social trips now to meet up with twitter friends for wild camps, so expect to be doing a few of them too.

    1. Sounds like some good plans. I agree about the social trips, I’m hoping to do some wild camping with friends this year, as much as I enjoy solo outings it always feels good to share the experience with others.

  8. I’ve managed three camps this year, so my original plan of one a month seems to be working. I’ve just done The Roaches, which was fantastic. I may try and get out to a local wood Tue/Wed, I’ll have to see how it goes. I post on Ukcampsite under heather + phil, if you want to take a look. I really must start my own website up one day ;-).

    There are some lovely photos of your French trip. Very nice.

  9. Three camps so far is most impressive and the Roaches look wonderful. And yes, you really should start your own website, you can get a free WordPress blog at http://www.wordpress.com

    Glad you enjoyed the French photos, I’ll take a look at Ukcampsite.

  10. Hiya Martin.

    These wild camp plans sound great!

    Where were you thinking of camping along the Grand Union?
    I myself am planning on trying my first proper wild camp (have wild camped in a tent before but not just a bivvy) along the GU this week coming. Walking from Wolverton to Northampton and planning to bivvy up along the Northampton arm section.

    Great website by the way, it’s been very useful for picking up tips.


    1. Hi Trefor, thanks for dropping by and am really pleased you like the site and have found it useful. I have my eye on a small wood just before the Northampton Arm, a couple of miles south of Blisworth. I’d love to know how you get on with your GUC wild camp, please let me know! Cheers, Martin.

  11. Hi Martin.

    I just did a night in Tunstall Forest Suffolk. It was quite hard to find a spot that wasn’t near a footpath. Had a good night in the end though.
    Always learn something new each trip. This time it was that I should take a tarp everywhere, even if I take the tent.
    Great blog.

    1. Hi James

      Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoy the blog. Tungstall Forest sounds great and not too far from me, agree about the tarp, it has a thousand and one uses!

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