36 hours in Girona. We drove down from France, entered the city, found our flat for the night and quickly lost ourselves in the jumble of the gorgeous old town.

And I thought of all those times in Barcelona (just 100 km to the south), when I had looked at Girona on the map and dismissed it (with no evidence) as a dull provincial backwater (what a fool!).

And maybe others have done the just the same, and maybe this goes some way to explain why Girona is so lovely, so enchanting.

Girona felt smart and confident, old and modern, stylish and young.

Pro-Catalan symbolism was everywhere, far more evident than I remeber from Barcelona.  At times Spanish was relegated to third place with English standing in as a second language.  I felt a little self-conscious with my Castellano and spoke mainly in English.

taverna catalana 

The Jewish Museum

We visited the lovely Museum of Jewish History.

The courtyard at the centre of the museum is beautiful, quiet and contemplative.

jewish museum courtyard 

I liked this…

Mother city of Israel
Girona – the Mother city of Israel

Girona FC

The boy and I went in search of the local football club, hoping to buy a scarf.  Sadly no shop could be found but we did come across this excellent street art staring those famous Catalans, Asterix and Obelix

Girona FC

So, Girona, a fine city, highly recommended, stop by if you’re ever passing, you won’t regret it.


2 thoughts on “Impressions of Girona

  1. Great post Martin. Girona is in indeed a lovely town. There’s also an airport there with direct flights to the UK. You’ll also find some great wild swimming spots close by.

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