I walked this, the 17th stage of the Grand Norfolk Hike, in late August 2015.

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, Smithy the Cairn Terrier and I took the train to the east coast town of Lowestoft and picked up the trail from where I had left off two years ago.

It takes a little while to arrive at the beach from the station but once there we were met with wide open spaces, virtually empty of anyone but ourselves.

Beach not far north of Lowestoft
Beach not far north of Lowestoft

I let Smithy off the lead and he began to run back and forth across the sand with much joy and vigour.

Smithy running on the beach
Running dog, happy dog…

While Smithy chased new found dog friends, I tried to take a couple of arty seaside shots.

The sea
The sea! The sea!
Looking south to Lowestoft
Looking south to Lowestoft

The day began to heat up and I took my sandals off and ventured into the sea for a paddle. Smithy looked on, not really sure what to make of it all.

What ARE you doing?
In the sea

At the half-way point of the hike we were forced inland as the beach disappeared and the route became unnavigable.  Unfortunately it was also made clear that the cliff top route was out of bounds due to coastal erosion.

After a mile or so of unrelaxing road walking the dog and I made the decision to ignore the signs and we took off cross-country towards the sea.


After some faffing about and climbing over and around obstacles we found ourselves back on the beach, where we sat down for lunch.  A tasty pork and apple pasty from our local butcher for me, and Scooby snacks for Smithy.

North towards Great Yamouth
North towards Great Yamouth

We then settled down for a little beach nap.

smithy dog
Having a rest

Back on the trail, the docks of Great Yarmouth came sharply into view. The dog and I posed for a self-portrait to celebrate.

Man and dog on the outskirts of Great Yarmouth
Man and dog on the outskirts of Great Yarmouth

It’s a long walk through the back streets of Yarmouth to the station.  The dog started glancing up at me with those ‘are you sure you know what you’re doing?’ looks.  Which was fair enough, he had covered over 13 miles that day on his little terrier legs.

At the station I enjoyed a cuppa tea while Smith took a nap.

One tired dog
One tired but happy dog

We arrived back home tired but happy, pleased with our hike in the August summer sun.

Almost finished the Grand Norfolk Hike!!

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10 thoughts on “The Grand Norfolk Hike:
Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth

  1. So pleased to see this post in my inbox this morning – what a treat. My husband and I are going to walk the Weaver’s Way then add on this leg down to Lowestoft, so this beach/ cliff infor is really useful, thank you. I’m so sorry you’ve been unwell, and am glad you’re on the mend. All best wishes for a healthy autumn, full of adventures.

    1. Hi Louise, glad you enjoyed the post. The Weaver’s Way is on my list, when are you going to walk it? I’m hoping for a wild camp in October : )

  2. Great to read this, Martin. So pleased that you are able to hike once again. I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be when one is unable to walk very far. Your circuit of Norfolk is very nearly complete now!
    Like you, I like to do long-distance walks incrementally. Current project – to be completed over quite a long period of time – is Great Yarmouth to Aberystwyth. Thus far, I am at central Birmingham!

    1. Hi Laurence, I love the idea of your walk from Great Yarmouth to Aberystwyth! Hope you’re going to blog this? Glad you enjoyed the post.

      1. Hi Martin, Sorry I didn’t see your rely before. I’ll be blogging bits and pieces from time to time. Just got back from Shropshire where I got as far as Clun – about a day’s walk from Welsh border.

  3. It must be strange to be back on a trail you last saw two years ago. But also very exciting I imagine, especially since you’ve now almost completed it. Are you planning the last stages soon?

    Smithy looked like he had a really great time. The photo of the both of you at the end is really lovely 🙂

    1. Hi Allysse, yes it was a little strange to restart the hike after so long, not sure when I’m doing the last stage but a bottle of Cava will be in my rucksack : ) . Smithy had a great time, he can walk for miles and miles on those little legs, it always impresses me greatly. Really glad you enjoyed the post.

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