microadventures feb 2015At the start of the year, Alastair Humphreys called for people to live more adventurously in 2015, challenging us to spend a night out in the wild, once a month for the year.

Since that call to arms I’ve seen a rise in the number of great blog posts, videos and photos of people venturing for wild camping microadventures.

There’s some great stories of adventure out there I thought I’d put together a monthly round-up of ones that caught my attention.

If you think I’ve missed anyone out, or would like yours included, then leave a comment below.

Chris Goodman

Chris Goodman

Chris and his friend Bubbaanna wild camped on some grassy ground near Guildford in Surrey.

I particularly like how Chris tells the story of the adventure via Instagram, an approach that works really well.

David FanningDavid Fanning

Our first microadventure post from the US.

David set out for a wild camp with friends in Colorado, wow, just imagine having that as your background for microadventures…

Rolling DonkeysThe Rolling Donkeys

The Rolling Donkeys (Matt, Dan and Matty) specialise in microadventures with bikes and hammocks : speed and comfort, a great combination.

They camped out in a wood in the Cotswolds and took some excellent photos along the way.  Bacon and fresh coffee for breakfast, oh my!


Anita and her friend Maxine camped out in a wood near Sheringham on the lovely north Norfolk coast.

I could hear the sea in the distance it was beautiful“.

Yes! that is exactly why we wild camp.

grahamGraham Royston

Graham and friends camped out in the  The Forest of Bowland in north-east Lancashire. There’s some great photography by Graham of this slightly spooky-looking wood.

We woke in the morning a little cold due to the damp but blown away with where we found ourselves!


Tim and his mate Mark spent a night in a wood full of pheasants in west Berkshire.

As it was a Friday night, there would most likely be a Saturday shoot happening

Go and read Tim’s report to see if they survived the night!

mikeMike Sowden

A microadventure on the English moors, at the worst time of the year? LET’S DO THIS”

I love how Mike starts his report, precisely the kind of heroic attitude I like to see!

There are some photos right out of Game of Thrones in this post from a snowy Yorkshire wood.


Bev and her friend Tracy camped out the night near Radstock in Somerset.

Check out the YouTube video below:

We sure had a laugh” – well, exactly!


Jonathan and his friend Mags enjoyed a spot of wild glamping on the verandah of a wooden barn (nothing wrong with a spot of wild glamping!).

Jonathan took along a ‘beer can stove’ which sounds kinda cool. Drink beer, cook food, exactly my sort of thing!


Ellie spent a snowy night bivouacking under a tree in the Brecon Beacons.

I like it when she comments:

I contemplated what I was about to do. It seemed a little bit insane“.

Haven’t we all thought exactly that at least once when starting out for a wild camp?


After cancelling my January adventure due to illness, I was determined to make up for lost time with two microadventure wild camps.

These were:

(note: I’ve taken some images from the blogs for this post, if you’re a blog author and rather I didn’t use your photo let me know and I’ll remove it).


Did you manage a microadventure wild camp in February?  Do you have one planned for March? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Wild camping microadventure blog round-up for February 2015

    1. Love it! Thanks Martin for putting this together. Very inspiring to see what other people are doing! Will hopefully do our next one Saturday 14th March in Dorset on the coast. Will do a video too 🙂
      keep doing what your doing. heres to more wild camping and walking in our gorgeous countryside :0)

      1. Hi Bev, glad you enjoyed the post. I’m looking forward to seeing your next wild camping video in lovely Dorset : )

  1. Thaks, Martin! One of the most uncomfortable nights of my life that I spent outdoors. 😉 But I’m glad I did it, as was my companion-in-misery. But….minus 1 temperatures, with that sleeping & bivvy bag and in those clothes, that’s absolutely my limit. Now I know.

  2. Hello Martin
    Great to read other’s Microadventures. Three of us recently did one mid February on the east coast of the Lizard in Cornwall from Coverack to Falmouth. Bivvyed on Frenchman’s Creek with rump steak and a pint down the pub in Helford. Awesome! I’ll send some photos if interested.

    1. Hi Dom, glad you enjoyed the round-up, any plans for March? Are you going to blog your next one? If so, let me know : )

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