Hammock wild camp practice in Shouldham Warren, Norfolk

Last weekend I took my new DD Frontline hammock out for a test run. This is the first time I’ve used a hammock and was not sure how complicated it would all be, it made sense to practice setting-up before going off on a wild camp adventure somewhere and having to learn then.

I took the train from Ely to Watlington and then cycled the three or four miles to West Briggs wood which in turn leads to the Forestry Commission-run Shouldham Warren.

Entrance to West Briggs wood
Entrance to West Briggs wood

After wandering about for an hour or so I stopped and brewed up a cuppa tea on my Trangia stove.  Very nice it was as well, makes a nice change from lugging around a flask of luke warm tea, and much more fun!

A cuppa tea in the woods
A cuppa tea in the woods (Shouldham Warren)

After more aimless walking about I decided to start looking for a likely spot for putting up the hammock.

I finally found a pitch that met all the requirements, i.e. two trees not too far apart and yet, not too close together.  The hammock was easy to set-up.  The guidance on the DD website had advised learning a couple of complex sounding knots but ended up by admitting the kind of knot you use to tie shoelaces would do just fine.  So that it what I used.

Here’s the basic set-up:

Basic hammock set-up
Basic hammock set-up

Here’s the basic set-up with the mosquito netting:

Hammock with mosquito netting
Hammock with mosquito netting

Here’s the basic set-up with mosquito netting and a tarp for shelter in case of rain (or whatever):

Hammock with tarp shelter
Hammock with tarp shelter

Once the hammock was set-up the next step was get in it.  The moment I lay down in the hammock I knew I was going to sleep well on my next wild camp.  I could have drifted off there and then, it felt so cosy.

Inside the hammock
Inside the hammock, nice and cosy!

And…a view!  I lay back imagining watching sunsets and sunrises, it felt good, it felt comfortable, it felt just right.

A hammock with a view
A hammock with a view

I set up the stove and made another cuppa tea, it was great to have a comfy seat on which to relax and enjoy my brew.  I watched the still wood and listened to the birds.

Then I packed everything up, took a compass bearing and headed off in the general direction of West Briggs wood and my bicycle.

Hammocks?  Love ’em!


6 thoughts on “Hammock wild camp practice in Shouldham Warren, Norfolk

  1. Hi Martin. Sounds like a very successful practice. When are you thinking of mounting your next expedition? I will be so interested to hear how it feels to sleep in the hammock overnight. I like the sound of lying there listening to the birds and waiting for the sun to rise. Good luck!
    love, Mum

    1. Well, I’m planning five days in the Pyrenees this summer and will be taking my hammock with me : )

    1. Yes, having the trees in the right place is a risk but one worth taking I think, it just adds to the adventure of it all!

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