Thoughts from my February trip to the Pyrenees

I’ll be writing a longer post but here are some first thoughts…

  1. My French is  nowhere near as good as I thought it was.  I can hardly even speak French badly.
  2. Walking in snow shoes is fun but damn hard work at times
  3. My navigation skills aren’t bad at all but I need to check the map more often.
  4. A compass that actually shows north would be a useful buy (duh!)
  5. My stamina in the hills is good but much still room for improvement
  6. Roll on the great five day Pyrenean hike in August!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from my February trip to the Pyrenees

  1. I could use a phone + app but I like the idea of learning to use a map and compass, then no fears about poor/no signal or batteries running out.

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