I found this interesting article, Facts about the Ukrainian language (in Ukrainian), threw it into Google Translate and (after a tidy-up)  present it here for your enjoyment and illumination.

Modern Ukrainian has about 256,000 words, compared to 171,476 in English.  The Ukrainian noun has 7 cases (unfortunately).

That’s a lot of words and a horrible amount of cases, not the sort of thing you want to know if you’re just starting out learning the language but that is where we are.

Lexical content closest to Ukrainian:

  • Belarussian 84%
  • Polish 70%
  • Serbian 68%
  • Russian 62%

It’s really interesting to see Russian in fourth place.

The above point is only strengthened when one compares Ukrainian phonetics and grammar with those of her neighbours. Ukrainian has from 22 to 29 in common with Belarussian, Czech, Slovak and Polish languages but with Russian only 11.

The longest word in the Ukrainian language – дихлордифенілтрихлорметилметан – has thirty letters but no one actually knows what it means*.

Ukrainian words with the letter ф (f) are usually borrowed. Most words begin with the letter п (p)

45 million people use Ukrainian, including loads of Canadians.

Ukrainian dialects include:

Map of Ukrainian dialects by Alex K used with permission )

So there we have it, a fine language if you’re relaxed about the cases.  Highly recommended.

(banner used without permission from http://biz.totosha.kiev.ua/2014/02/alfavit-dlya-detej/ )

*not actually true, it has something to do with pesticide.

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